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3 Easy Cleaning Tips That Are Environmentally Safe

Believe it or not, vinegar and baking soda have other uses beyond last-minute Science Fair volcanoes. Most people would like to find a way to step away from toxic chemicals for cleaning, and these simple ingredients might just be the solution. With a few tweaks, any house can be scrubbed and shined without leaving behind any hazardous pollutants.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

Starting with baking soda. It is possible to clean the oven without a funky smell or sticky chemicals. Start by spraying the interior of the oven with a water bottle, then put down a layer of baking soda on the bottom. Do not turn on the oven! Wait a few hours and then wipe it all up – that’s it!

A similar technique can be applied to the tile grout on the bathroom floor, or wherever. If this has not been done in a while, prepare to be amazed at the actual color of the grout. Create a mixture of one-part water and three parts baking soda, then spread that on the grout. Allow it to sit for a while, then scrub it with a toothbrush. It’s that easy, and no one needs to worry about chemicals festering on the floor.

Cleaning with Vinegar

When the dishwasher begins to smell, it tends to defeat the purpose of using it to clean dirty smelly dishes. There are packets and mixtures that will do the trick, but so will vinegar! Fill a cup or a jar and put it on the top rack. Run the washer through one cycle with nothing else in it, and all the nasty gunk will be cleaned off, chemical-free.

When was the last time the shower heads were cleaned? If there’s not a quick answer to that question, then perhaps it’s time for vinegar to come to the rescue again. There’s no need for plumbing ability, just fill up a bag with vinegar and tie it around the shower head so the whole thing is submerged. Remove it after about 12 hours and pour it down the drain. The vinegar will have burned off any harmful residue, without any possible negative side effects.

Mixing It Up!

And why not mix the two together? Tackle that garbage disposal by pouring in half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar and let it sit. Run the disposal after about ten minutes, and that elusive odor will be taken care of, the green way.

This special concoction can even conquer the commode. Let about a cup of baking soda sit in the toilet for about an hour to soak up the residue and germs. Add a cup of vinegar and let that sit for just a few minutes. Now flush, and without scrubbing a thing, the most offensive bit of porcelain in the house has been cleaned – with zero negative environmental impact!

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