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3 Helpful Tips to Get Noticed When Opening a New Office

Business Insights

When thinking of a grand opening for a new office, words such as excitement, curiosity, and interest pop into mind. With the perfect time for a grand opening a couple of weeks after opening the office, it is an ideal time to network with other local businesses and make mutually beneficial partnerships.

What Are the Goals?

First, create awareness. This should be the first big marketing push where the target audience is reached through social media, advertisements, local press coverage, promotions, and even word-of-mouth. Reaching a big audience is key.

Then, create excitement. If you’re bringing a brand-new type of shop to town, this may be enough to draw a large crowd. However, if there is a niche market, free samples always bring people out. Anything free, such as food, demonstrations, or even a local celebrity appearance can cause a buzz of excitement as the day draws near.

Next, build relationships. Don’t think of a grand opening as a draw for customers only.  Explore building bridges with local business and neighbors who may send business your way. Get to know the local press agent or rub elbows with a local politician—all can help a new business in some way.

Finally, create a positive and memorable experience. Invite as many people as possible that will show up to be a crowd booster. Make sure that there are enough staff members to assist the large crowds. Nothing kills the mood like long wait times or a crowded parking lot.

What Is the Budget?

A good rule of thumb in setting a budget for a grand opening is to dedicate around 20% of the overall marketing budget for the year. For smaller geographic targets, a minimum of $5,000 might cover two advertising areas (Facebook and the local paper) with some left over for the event itself (if you’re in a large city, this amount could be double or more). It’s scary to think about spending so much on one event, but the grand opening is the first chance to make a good impression.

If $5,000 is too big of a chunk of money to throw down for one event, think outside the box. Anything that will get people’s attention.

When Is the Big Day?

It is often an overlooked and vital step to consider the date for a grand opening.

  • Think about when people normally shop for the business’s particular product or service?
  • Don’t have a grand opening on a major holiday or other big local event.
  • Wait until the business has been open for 2 to 3 weeks before launching a grand opening. This allows for all of the “kinks” to be worked out.

If planned for correctly, opening a new office can be a big hit and bring along new business.

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