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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Packages Are Secure at Your Door

Most people have been increasing the amount of online shopping they do because of the irresistible draws of free shipping and automatic subscription delivery, along with the convenience of not having to go to a store. When the pandemic hit, and many of us found ourselves in quarantine in our homes for long stretches, online shopping became the norm, and so did piles of packages at our front doors. According to Forbes, nearly half of adults fear having their deliveries stolen from their property. Porch pirates increasingly target homes with visible deliveries, but you don’t need to be their next victim. There are many ways to secure your packages so you get everything you order.

1. Get a Package Delivery Box

You can find drop boxes and lockers at many home improvement sites and stores. Install a secure delivery box on a porch or in an apartment building lobby. Your mail carrier or delivery agent can place everything you ordered inside the box, and no one can see what you’ve received. These parcel boxes range in size from small cubes to large trunks, and some can be lockable.

2. Require a Signature on Deliveries

By requiring a signature on your deliveries, you ensure someone must be home to receive and sign for the items. This is great when you purchase high-end items like handbags or athletic equipment, electronic devices like cell phones and computers, or an order from a famous website that uses branded packaging. Suppose criminals see a computer box or a package stamped with a luxury label at your front door. In that case, they know exactly what they can get when they steal from you, so making sure the driver can’t leave it without a signature is an excellent security option.

3. Update Your Delivery Instructions

Many shippers allow you to specify where you would like your items delivered: at the back door, inside a fence, or behind a piece of lawn furniture. Delivery drivers are generally happy to accommodate your requests. You may have seen videos of drivers putting holiday presents behind garbage bins or drivers who hide packages from spouses. These drivers were following delivery instructions from the shoppers who wanted to ensure their shipments were secure.

4. Know Your Neighbors

Talk to the people who live near you and let them know when you are expecting deliveries. If they see someone on your property on delivery day, they can help alert authorities to potential theft. Make sure to offer to do the same for them when they have shipments coming!

By taking some easy and proactive steps to manage how and where you receive your delivery purchases, you can more easily protect your packages from opportunistic thieves.

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