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5 Apps to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

Personal Insights

It is about time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Everyone wants to knock these as impossible goals, but oftentimes what’s needed is not a miracle, but just a little help. Lucky for us, in the day and age of the Internet and smartphones, help can be downloaded! Here are five apps that can help with the most common New Year’s resolutions for a victorious 2020.

“Smoke Free” (To Quit Smoking)

Perhaps the most difficult part about kicking a habit is the inability to see visible progress. Quitting smoking can feel like giving up something relaxing and pleasurable. The “Smoke Free” app lets the user track how many days have been spent without a cigarette. Then, it calculates not just how many days it has been, but even how much money has been saved. Based upon the user’s profile, this app will track the progress of lung recovery and addiction-free days!

“ All Access” (To Get Fit)

Everyone wants to get fit, and the New Year is as good an excuse as any to begin a new regimen or plan. Don’t worry about the term “bodybuilding”. While this app includes lots of help for bodybuilders, it also includes tons of routines for any kind of exercise, based on preference. Some of the routines include videos and inspirational notes as well.

This is a paid app, but it also includes access to the community page, which can provide moral support and help from other, more experienced athletes.

“Lose It!” (To Eat Better)

Eating better can be a confusing goal. What constitutes eating better? The “Lose It” app helps with that uncertainty. By inputting height, weight, age, and so on, the app automatically calculates how many calories need to be lost and helps set a goal date.

Then, it’s all about logging what was eaten (the inventory is incredible!) and how much exercise was performed. Tracking consumption is half the battle, and when you start to see that bar creep forward, it becomes fun. Even if you don’t want to painstakingly count your calories every day, just seeing the nutritional information in some of your favorite treats could be enough to make you think twice before overindulging.

“Calm” (To Meditate)

In this hectic age, it might seem a little ironic to download a phone app to help with calming down, but that’s what this app is all about. It serves not just as a guide to meditation, stretching or other mindfulness practices, but includes instruction and lessons to help understand the “why” behind the “what”. There are videos, audio soundscapes, and sleep trackers to help reach that goal of calm and quiet that so many people crave.

“Qapital” (To Save Money)

The “Qapital” app is perfect for saving money, planning investments and generally keeping track of finances. Set goals and watch the saved amounts grow. The app will help set up investment portfolios, and most of all let you know exactly how much money is left to be spent. It forces the user to budget and helps them think about each purchase and plan for the future.

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