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5 Easy Tips to Transform Your Bland Backyard to an Urban Oasis

In an urban setting, an oasis can be hard to find. But what if this area was right in your backyard? With these 5 handy tips, you can turn your own backyard into an urban oasis.

Tip #1. Utilize Every Inch of Space with Levels

Since urban lots tend to be much smaller than suburban lots, don’t just think of covering the ground, think going vertical. Creating layered beds of lush green foliage and flowering plants can turn a very small space into a beautiful and peaceful relaxation spot. If space allows, think of installing a raised patio or small deck. Try to zone the area into relaxation, dining, and entertaining.

Tip #2. Limit Lawn Care

Most urban lawns don’t justify the use of a riding lawnmower with some having such limited space that buying any lawnmower is impractical. However, everyone loves the feel of soft grass under their feet. It gives homeowners a real sense of relaxation and a connection to nature. So how can homeowners accomplish have a little grass without going overboard? There are several solutions: install artificial grass, hire a lawn maintenance company, or eliminate grass altogether and replace it with gravel and lots of plants.

Tip #3. Use Paving Stones and Create Patio Areas

Incorporating paving stones or brick pavers where possible cuts down on the amount of weekly maintenance needed to keep up the backyard. Currently, urban trends are turning toward an increase in the use of walkways and patios over the traditional lush green lawn. To provide the backyard space with a sense of balance, incorporate a mix of both to give the yard an urban feel and to cut down on the weekly maintenance.

Tip #4. Create a Sense of Privacy

Privacy can be hard to come by in urban areas. If possible, install a privacy fence or privacy hedges around the perimeter of the yard. Just remember that many neighborhoods have restrictions on certain heights or materials used for fencing, so check with your local HOA or other city official before investing in an expensive fence. Hedges are a nice way to bring privacy to a backyard and are normally not restricted.

Tip #5. Outdoor Furniture

Even the most beautiful backyard seems empty without some kind of outdoor furniture. To finish the perfect backyard, invest in excellent outdoor furniture. Quality furniture should last for years. There are so many different options depending on how the backyard space will be used. Entertainment, relaxation, and even gardening all call for different types of furniture such as Adirondack chairs, a table and chair set with a nice shady umbrella, or even a chaise lounge.

With pre-planning and preparation, transforming your backyard into an urban retreat not only creates a beautiful space, but it also gives you a place to escape the hustle and bustle of living in the middle of a city.

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