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5 Fun Activities for a Boring Snow Day

The weather outside is frightful, but even scarier is the thought of everyone staying inside and staring at their phones all day! Snow days can be fun days, and there’s plenty to do that does not involve binge-watching yet another forgettable show. Set an example and get everyone involved!

#1 Make Snow Ice Cream

This is an unconventional one that gets the creative juices flowing and offers a reward for all the hard work. Take half a gallon of freshly scooped snow from outside, add half a cup of white sugar, half a tablespoon of vanilla extract and a cup of milk. While everyone’s soaking wet clothes dry at the front door, sit down with a few bowls and spoons and taste the snowy goodness.

#2 Build a Snowman

Here is an idea that might seem blindingly obvious. Kids who watched Anna & Elsa sing it know the song, but have they ever actually gone out together and built a snowman? Roll up three big snowballs, stack them up and get to decorating. And once one is built, why not build another and yet another? The other kiddies might knock them down, but that’s okay, it’s all part of the fun.

#3 Go Sledding

Every kid needs a good sled, and there is very likely a solid sledding hill close by the house. Send the kids packing, and they might not come home until they’re made to. Try not to worry about safety or the other kids; that is part of what makes it so much fun. Let them race, let them fall, and if there’s a conflict, let them sort it out. They might just learn something even if school is closed.

#4 Bake (and eat!) Cookies

There’s something magical about warming up the house with the oven while it’s freezing outside. And that heavenly smell provides the perfect sanctuary from the cold. Let the kids chip in and gather the ingredients, stir, and yes, lick the spoon. Options like sugar cookies are great because they allow for special shapes and fun decorating afterwards. No need to worry about sensible portions either–it’s a snow day!

#5 Go Indoor Camping

The power may not go out, but that is no reason why the tents and sleeping bags can’t be pulled out for some indoor camping fun. Get out the flashlights, tell ghost stories, make silly jokes until it’s way past everyone’s bedtime, then wake up and crouch in front of the TV and pray that those snow plows did not quite make it through, and there will be another snow day today!

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