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5 Simple Tips for Saving Pennies on Food

Personal Insights

In a world full of constant expenses, frugality isn’t exactly easy. Unnecessary items such as extra clothes and toys are expensive, and even life necessities such as toothpaste and napkins can be costly. These five tips will help you save pennies starting with the most necessary items you’ll buy: food.

  • Try to incorporate beans, cabbage, rice, and oats wherever you can. These four foods may be known as classic frugal foods; not only are they cheap, but they’re also nutritious.
  • Add beans or diced vegetables, such as mushrooms and onions, to your ground meats. Meats are generally expensive. The addition of vegetables, particularly cheap vegetables, will stretch your meat further and cover more meals.
  • Every little penny counts. Don’t pass up coupons, money-back apps, or price-matching only because each one only saves you fifty cents or so. Even if you saved only a dollar per week on groceries, that’s still fifty-two extra dollars per year.
  • Dilute your juice. Sweet fruit juices, such as grape juice, often taste just as good when they’ve been diluted with water. Not only does this stretch your juice out farther, but it also puts less sugar into your body. You can give yourself a pat on the back for all that sugar which you haven’t consumed.
  • Shop according to annual sales. Fruits and veggies are generally cheapest when they’re in season. Many stores have flour sales around Christmas, when most people will be purchasing extra for Christmas cookies. If the item on sale isn’t perishable, stock up so that you’ll have enough to last until the next sale.

What you just read was only five out of dozens of ways to save money on your groceries. Use these money-saving techniques regularly and keep track of your savings. By the end of the year, you’ll be surprised to find that it really adds up. Perhaps living frugally is easier than you thought.

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