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5 Useful Tips to Help You Get Ready for Holiday Guests

Having guests over for a few days can be a memorable experience and tons of fun. But everyone’s been a guest in a bad situation, when all you want is to go home. No one wants to bring that upon someone else! There are a few things that can be done to make sure the house is ready for guests, and that you gain a reputation as a gracious host.

  1. Clean the Room

First, and most obviously, make sure that the house or apartment is clean, especially the guest room or space. The room should look like it’s been waiting for them, not thrown together at the last minute. Try these cleaning areas:

  • Make the bed
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Dust the shelves and dressers
  • Give bathroom porcelain and tile a good once-over
  • Change sheets and pillowcases
  • Clear out some closet space
  1. Provide Essentials

One of the most uncomfortable things about staying in someone else’s house is having to ask where essential (or embarrassing!) items can be found. So, take the initiative and have everything ready to go.

Place towels and toiletries in the bathroom or folded neatly on the bed and show the guest where they come in from outside. If the guest needs a key, put that with the rest – a cute basket with all the important stuff will really make them feel at home.

  1. Explain the House

Every house has its little quirks and rules, so have those ready in advance. Take the time to think things through them and maybe write them down. This especially applies to the Wi-Fi password and any special instructions for accessing the internet or television. If the windows stick or trash needs to be out on a certain day, be sure to let them know to make it easier on both yourself and them.

  1. Plan the Time

Whether they are staying for one night or several weeks, it is the responsibility of the host to provide for the enjoyment of the guests. Plan out the time they’ll be staying whether it’s restaurants, shopping, events, or other holiday activities.

Don’t go overboard and schedule out every minute, be sure to include some downtime. But no guest wants to spend long hours sitting and waiting for something to do. Make a plan and use this as an opportunity for you to have some local fun, too.

  1. Give Them Some Space

Lastly, know when it is time to give the guest some space. No doubt they are excited to see you, but we all need a little room where we can be left alone for a while. Don’t hang out in your guest’s room, and if they don’t have a closed-door space to themselves, be courteous and let them be when it’s time to sleep. Remove any items you’ll definitely need from their space, and your guest will be much more inclined to say yes, the next time you send out an invitation.

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