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5 Ways to Spend Less during the Holidays

Personal Insights

No matter how many loved ones, neighbors, and coworkers are involved, shopping for holiday gifts can be extremely tiring as well as expensive. If you are trying to save on your holiday shopping this year so you can spend less and reduce the size of your bills, you indeed aren’t alone. The following five tips might be just what you need to save lots of money on your purchases this year.

Look for discounts on gift wrap and cards

One of the best ways to save money while shopping is to seek out discounts and coupons actively. Buying your holiday cards and gift wrap at a discount doesn’t mean that you have to shop at the dollar store, nor do you need to stock up at the end of the season when prices are reduced considerably. You simply need to keep your eyes open for sales and special offers. Most stores lower their pricing on a few items to entice shoppers through the doors. Take advantage of these tricks and buy your cards and gift wrap when offered at exceptional prices.

Shop Online

Spending a day shopping online saves you the expense of gas and parking fees, giving you more money to spend on gifts. Plus, a wide variety of retailers offer deep discounts on specific days of the week, including Mondays and weekends. These discounts aren’t available in the stores, giving you an even greater incentive to shop online this year. If you are worried about shipping fees, you don’t need to be. In most cases, retailers offer free shipping during the holiday season.

Stick to Your Shopping List

Before you begin your holiday shopping, you might want to create a list to guide your purchases. In addition to suggestions for gift ideas, you can include a budget that lists how much you can afford to spend on each gift on your list. Once you begin shopping, you should look over your list to assist in sticking to your budgetary guidelines.

Avoid Late Fees and Interest Charges

The easiest way to avoid overspending is to use cash instead of credit. Even though you might be tempted to overspend your budget, you won’t be able to do so. Plus, you won’t need to worry about large credit bills with supersized interest fees. Since you won’t have any credit card bills to pay, you won’t incur any late charges. While you won’t save money before the holidays using this strategy, you certainly will once they’re over.

Give the Gift of Time

No matter how old or young your gift recipients are, the gift of time offers a chance to bond with them. One of the most enjoyable gifts is often time spent doing something fun, such as board games, caroling, ice skating, or volunteering with friends and family.

Whether you shop online or walk through the mall in search of holiday gifts, you can always find a few ways to save money on your purchases, especially if you can avoid impulse buying. If you want to maximize your savings, you should make a list and check it twice, while keeping in mind your available funds. Thinking about each purchase before you begin your quest for holiday gifts should help in saving as much money as possible on your shopping expenditures.

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