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6 Simple Landscaping Ideas That Are Water-Free

Living Insights

With over 30 states in the U.S. suffering from some level of drought in the last decade, trends have turned to landscaping that uses less water or are completely water-free. Depending on where you live in the country, the need for water can vary greatly. Here are 6 landscaping ideas that don’t require any water and can improve the look of your home’s exterior.

Artificial Grass

The highest water guzzler in the yard by far is grass. In addition to constant watering, a lawn must be mowed, aerated, fertilized, and re-sodded. By replacing current grass with artificial grass, all of these needs go away. Don’t think that today’s artificial grass will look like a professional football field either. Today’s options provide realistic-looking grass with numerous different multi-colored hatch options.

Gravel and Stone

For a contemporary, minimalist look, many homeowners are turning from grass to gravel or stone. Add in pavers to the new rock garden and a low-maintenance, zero-water area can add beauty to a home’s exterior. Add a fire pit or some succulents to add dimension and color.

The combinations of size, color, and texture in stone and gravel available for today’s homeowner only increases the opportunity to show a home’s personality. Just a bit of creativity and attention to detail is all that’s required.

Mulch Madness

Around any outdoor living space, mulch beds are a great substitute for grass. Not only does mulch need zero water, it fertilizes any plants and prevents any weeds from growing. This low-maintenance option is not only inexpensive, but with a once-a-year replacement in the spring, it comes in near the top for low-maintenance.

Outdoor Spaces

The more outdoor spaces available in the yard means more chances to entertain and less work in the long run. Extending the home’s usable to outside also means that there is less yard to maintain. For example, adding a stone patio for a grilling spot, dining table, fire pit area, and seating area uses up yard space, but also keeps the grass area smaller. This means less water, less maintenance, and less work. Additionally, instead of stone pavers or concrete, a deck is also a no water solution.

Collect Water

Every backyard needs a little color and some families just don’t feel at home if they don’t have some type of flower bed or grassy area to enjoy. No fear. It may seem like cheating, but you can have your cake and eat it, too or have your water and use it too with a rain barrel.

Collecting water in a rain barrel has become a popular way to recycle the water that washes off of the roof. There are a plethora of rain barrel designs and colors. No money for a rain barrel? No worries. Even a trash can placed beneath a gutter can collect water to be used in the yard.

Potted Plants

Try incorporating pots around the yard for a low-maintenance, yet versatile way to add color to different parts of the yard. Use the rainwater collected from the barrels to water the plants for a zero-water option. Pots can be moved around the yard as the need arises. Having a party on the patio? Move the pots to strategic locations where guests can enjoy the color and scent of your zero-water plants.

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