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8 Fantastic Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Home Buying

Living Insights

Traditionally, people shopping for a first home or a new home wait until a large number of homes go on the market in spring and then sell before summer. However, there are 10 reasons you should start house hunting in the fall.

  1. Motivated Sellers

More sellers are eager to close as winter and the holidays draw nearer. They may not have found a buyer during the peak seasons of spring and summer, a deal may have fallen through, or a life change has them eager to close.

  1. Think Time Increases

During peak seasons, there are often bidding wars and buyers don’t have time to consider all of the options. But, fewer buyers on the lookout for a deal means that there is plenty of time to consider an offer, comparison shop, and make a decision more carefully.

  1. Interest Rates

Inherently, there may be a lull in the market or holidays fast approaching that tend to have mortgage brokers and bankers willing to cut a slightly better deal. Don’t be afraid to shop around, negotiate, or maybe even make some slight demands.

  1. Weather

What does the weather have to do with selling a home? Plenty. Spring is the time for blooming flowers, green grass, and beautiful sunny days. By October or November, many trees have lost their leaves, the grass is not quite as green, and very few flowers are blooming. Inclement weather conditions, such as snow or rain, can make many fall days feel gloomy. This is the best time of year to get a clear picture of how a house holds up under a freezing day, both inside and outside.

  1. Agents

Since this tends to be a slower time from agents, they will be willing to go the extra mile for your business, searching for the best home for you and your family, and nail the best deal.

  1. Moving Dates

If you want to spend that one last Christmas in your home or need to push off a move-in-date a few more weeks, a smaller buyer’s market gives you the power to do just that. Take that leverage and get the seller to adjust their move-out date to fit your schedule.

  1. Neighborhood Action

In the fall, school is back in full swing, and life returns to normal in a neighborhood. This is the perfect time to visit schools, drive around to get a feel for rush-hour traffic, and obtain a more accurate picture of the entire neighborhood before making a final decision.

  1. Increased Bargains

During the early fall and into the winter months, sales are booming! To fill that perfect house you just acquired, you may need new beds, rugs, furniture, and more. The best time of year to find deals are the fall and winter months. Take advantage of this time to create the house of your dreams.

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