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8 of the Best Businesses to Start for This Fall Season

Whether you are looking to change professions or just make some extra money, here are 8 of the most popular business ideas for this fall.

Leaf Raking

Both private residences and commercial buildings can be lucrative. The beginning overhead is minimal (quality rake, bags, and gloves), and the return can be surprisingly hefty.

Back to School Shopping

Parents are busier now more than ever. Offering to take care of the annual beginning of school supply run can be a blessing to many families. Pencils, pens, paper, and bookbags are just a few of the items all students need for going back to school, or have the parents give you a list and you do the shopping.

Cleaning Gutters

No one likes to clean the gutters, and fall is the perfect time to free those clogged gutters of debris and leaves. Why not include gutter cleaning with leaf raking and make twice as much cash?

Movers for College Students

Many new college students and their parents don’t realize the hard work it takes to move from home to dorm. For those who own a van, truck, or trailer, beginning with dorm move-ins could lead to branching out into other areas and turn into a nice profitable niche business.

Closing Down Houses

Many seaside or lakeshore homes are only open from May to September. For some of those in colder climates, the house must be “winterized” before the owner can leave. Offering a service that cleans and winterizes a home is well worth the cost to homeowners who are ready to head back home. In addition, adding ongoing caretaking to the list of services offered can lead to a full-time business.

Pet Sitting

Whether it is having the beloved pet come stay at your place or you go there, pet sitting is a very popular business. Most pets are dogs and cats, but there are those out there who love their albino python or guinea pig. Being a pet sitter means being flexible about what type of pets you are willing and able to have in your home.

Professional Organizer

Fall cleaning is a popular task for many people. However, finding the time or even knowing how to begin is daunting for many. Capitalize on their lack of organizational skills with your ability to organize closets, garages, or even kitchens and offices. This business becomes popular before the holiday season begins, but it can also spill over into a full-time business for the rest of the year.

Handyman or Handywoman

There are people out there that are averse to fixing anything in the home, including changing light bulbs. Take advantage with your knowledge of home maintenance and begin a side job so those homeowners can check it off of their “to do” list for winter.

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