Bryn Mawr Trust’s Anne Stulpin Speaks to the Hot Housing Market, Financing a Home

Anne Stulpin, Loan Officer at Bryn Mawr Trust, discusses the hot housing market, where homes are selling within hours of being listed. Anne explained the difference between getting a home and missing out; where buyers need to know how much they can afford; along with getting pre-qualified before searching for what can be the biggest purchase of their life.

“I have worked with some people for 6-months, getting them ready to purchase their house. Maybe they had to work on credit, maybe they have to get their down payment funds together.”

Anne also explained how working with a local lender, like Bryn Mawr Trust, can benefit the buyer. Through the local lender, they can assist in finding grant programs for down payment assistance and closing cost.

You can watch the full video at NBC 10’s website here.

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