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Small Business Cash Management

Custom cash management solutions
that evolve with you

Custom cash management solutions that evolve with you. BMT has dedicated cash management professionals who work with you to identify tools to help you better manage the cash in your business. Whether you’re looking to maximize cash flow, collect receivables faster, control disbursements efficiently, or effectively manage your day-to-day operations, we’ll help customize a cash management solution for your business.

Managing Deposits and Collections

Maximizing the flow of cash into your accounts is critical. BMT provides valuable strategies that may make a difference.

E-Z Banking Remote Deposit1,3

Scan checks and electronically deposit them directly into your account.

Mobile Deposit3

Use your smartphone to deposit checks whenever, wherever, with the touch of a few buttons.

Merchant Processing1, 2

Accept virtually any type of credit card, while supporting you and your business with telephone, terminal, smartphone, and/or online authorization, including point-of-sale.

Lockbox Processing

A variety of regional and national collection points. Payments go directly to a P.O. Box in your name where items are retrieved, processed, and deposited into a predetermined account of your choice.

Concentration of Funds

Help control cash, moving it when and where it’s needed most. Use a Zero Balance account and BMT Online Banking ACH (Automated Clearing House) services to easily move funds between accounts and other banks.

Managing Disbursements

Timing disbursements, with a combination of automatic and manual controls, is simple with the tools we offer.

Wire Transfers

A safe and speedy way to send money in US and foreign currency.

ACH Payments

Use ACH for bank-to-bank transfers to speed the flow of funds between you and vendors.

Direct Deposit

Transfer funds directly to your employees’ accounts, saving you time and money.

Zero Balance Accounts

Minimize idle balances by keeping funds in interest-­bearing accounts until they are needed; ideal for payroll and payable accounts.

Sweep Accounts

Maximize both earnings and opportunities while maintaining liquidity by using automated sweep services. Automatically links your business account to the BMT Sweep Account to ensure your money is always earning.

Insured Cash Sweep® 4

The Insured Cash Sweep (ICS®) automatically moves your money and provides you expanded FDIC insurance coverage by placing your funds into multiple smaller­ denomination at other institutions, thereby giving you maximum insurance and access to your money through BMT.

IntraFi Network DepositsSM 4

IntraFi provides FDIC deposit insurance coverage above the $250,000 limit by placing smaller-denomination CDs at multiple banks.

Controlling Fraud

Protecting you and your customers is something we take seriously.

Positive Payee/Positive Pay Per Item Match

Effective methods to protect against financial loss due to check fraud. As fraudulent checks become more common, BMT’s Positive Pay service can be critical to protecting your money.

ACH Debit Block

Prevent ACH debits from posting to your account(s).

ACH Debit Filter

Permit only selected ACH debits to post to your account(s).

Reporting & Analysis Tools

Up-to-the-minute status of your cash, initiate transactions anytime.

Commercial Online & Mobile Banking3

Flexibility to have multiple users with varying levels of authority to help you manage your business. Access to Wire, ACH, and other cash management tools.


Have access to account transaction history, including check images. They’re convenient, fast, secure, and environmentally-friendly.

Small Business & Online Banking3

24-Hour access to real-time account information. Check your balance, pay bills, and make transfers. Export history to financial software or spreadsheets is all available in Online Banking.

EDI Reporting

Provides detailed invoice information associated with an ACH credit/debit. This information can be sent via secure email.

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