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Small Business
Loans & Lines of Credit

From operations through expansion, we can provide your business with financial help

Growing your small business often means finding the right financing. With BMT, you not only get a variety of term loans and lines of credit to fit your needs, but you also get the expertise and knowledge of our Relationship Managers. Having someone on your side who has helped countless small businesses grow and thrive gives your business an edge over the competition, and these days, that edge could be the make-or-break difference.

BMT also gives you the technology you want to grow your businesses wherever you call “the office.” We make it easy for business owners and leaders to apply for loans and lines online, and we also give you the tools to mange your accounts and cashflow online too.

Term Loans

We tailor loans with fixed rates and terms to facilitate expansion, purchase new equipment or facilities, or even acquire another business.

Lines of Credit

We structure lines to give you flexibility of borrowing and repayment, along with easy access to the cash you need for operating and growing your business.


Whether expanding, relocating or staying put, we can help you acquire or refinance commercial or industrial properties up to $1 Million.

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