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8 Interesting Money-Making Business Ideas for the Spring

Personal Insights

For those looking to earn extra money, starting a seasonal business in spring is the perfect time of year! Seasonal businesses are growing in popularity because they can be started quickly, last for a few months, and leave the rest of the year for other passions. Consider some of these business ideas for spring.

Yard Cleaning

Not everyone has the time or energy to take care of their yard, while others don’t have the budget to buy the seemingly endless tools needed to keep their yard neat and tidy. Seize the opportunity to use spring to clean up and carry off yard debris. This type of business can be seasonal twice in the year: once in the spring and again in the fall.

Cookie Delivery

Calling all bakers! There are several holidays during the spring that scream for cookies:  Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. Not only is eating cookies fun and tasty, but when a cookie lover has them delivered right to their door, dreams come true.

Easter Baskets

What child wouldn’t love an Easter basket filled with real grass? These adorable yet affordable traditional gift baskets are filled with candy, cookies, and toys. These baskets should be started early in the year so that the grass will be full and lush for Easter.


For those with a giver’s heart, a gleaning service helps those in need of fresh food with the excess left over from grocers, restaurants, farms, gardens, and farmers markets. Although there might not be as much money to be made from this type of job, the satisfaction of helping those in need is a reward in itself.

Window Washer

This type of job can be done on a residential or commercial basis. When starting out, working on both can lead to other jobs, and commercial window washing can be a lucrative business because businesses tend to have their windows washed more often than homeowners.

Spring Cleaning Service

Spring is a popular time for culling out closets, cleaning out the wood burning stove from winter, and giving the house a good thorough cleaning. For those who have a talent for keeping things clean and sparkling, a spring-cleaning service can be a wonderful niche service. Educating clients on the advantages of a cleaning a house thoroughly at least once a year can bring some extra cash to a bank account.

Moving Service and Storage for College Students

Every spring, a flock of new graduates leaves their temporary homes of 4 or more years and ventures out into the adult world of work. For many of these students, they may not have found the perfect job or just need a place to store their items until they find a permanent residence in a new town. Having a large storage facility is a must for this type of business but can become very lucrative.

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