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Banknotes, or “travel cash”, gives you local currency in your pocket when you arrive at your international destination.

At BMT we make it easy for you to order your cash. You can pick it up at any branch or have it delivered to your home. If you have cash left over after your travels, BMT will exchange it at competitive rates for US Dollars (USD). Call the BMT Customer Care Center (extension 3), any retail branch or our international services desk  for details.


How much cash should I take?

  • Traveling with cash makes some people feel uneasy. As a traveler, base your decision for cash on what you may encounter before you can visit an ATM.
  • Most international vendors accept credit cards, but smaller purchases like transportation, food and souvenirs may require a bit of cash.

Where can I get travel cash before I go?

  • Travel cash is typically available at banks, but also credit unions, travel bureaus, and kiosks in most airports. 
  • The kiosks at the airports will give you poor exchange rates, which means you will get less travel cash for your USD.
  • If you plan ahead and order your bank notes through BMT, you will maximize the amount of money you receive for your USD and your exchange process will be less stressful. Banknotes take 2-3 business days to arrive.

Where should I get cash internationally?

  • ATMs are generally the best place for getting cash internationally. If you have a major credit card, using an ATM is faster and it will give you a better exchange rate.
  • If an ATM is not accessible or you do not have a major Visa or Mastercard, you can also find cash at hotels, airport kiosks and travel bureaus.
  • Using your major credit card for most transactions will allow you to carry less cash, and it will help assure that you are getting favorable exchange rates.

What do I do with left-over travel cash

  • You can exchange remaining cash for USD.
  • Most banks, credit unions and kiosks will purchase  travel cash in exchange for USD. 
  • Exchanging your remaining travel cash with BMT will ensure that you receive the most USD in return.

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