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Receiving International Wires

Capital Markets

International electronic funds transfers are the fastest and most cost-effective way to receive payments. Whether it is a large business transfer or a small personal wire, in US dollars (USD) or in foreign currency, you can feel safe leveraging BMT’s global network to receive your funds.

What you should know…

  • Payments supported in over 70 currencies
  • Funds are typically available in your account within 1-2 business days following wire initiation.
  • BMT Foreign Exchange Operations experts ensure timely and accurate posting of funds.
  • When using USD instructions for a wire initiated in a foreign currency an intermediary bank will convert the funds at an unfavorable exchange rate, resulting in less USD.

Looking for a competitive edge…

  • BMT can help you offer invoices in local currency and negotiate contracts with international customers, likely increasing your international receipts.
  • BMT can help you negotiate contracts with international customers by offering invoices in local currency, likely increasing your company’s international sales. 
  • Double check the instructions that you provide to the sending party. It is always best to receive funds in the currency in which the wire was initiated as BMT will provide the most competitive exchange rate, resulting in more US dollars.

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