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Interest Rate Hedging

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets team at BMT works directly with commercial and corporate borrowers to deliver risk management strategies and products to optimally structure their debt financing needs.  By managing interest rate risk with hedging instruments, borrowers protect themselves against rising debt servicing costs. Interest rate hedging solutions are commonly used in conjunction with approaching debt refinancing, construction to permanent loans, term borrowings, interest rate resets, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial lines of credit.


Borrowers can use hedging instruments at the individual loan and portfolio level to fit their desired overall fixed-floating mix


Borrowers can achieve meaningfully lower debt service rates and payments than comparable conventional fixed rate loans


Borrowers can secure longer-term fixed rate financing compared to conventional fixed rate loan offerings

Forward Rate Locks

Borrowers can eliminate interest rate risk on construction to permanent financing, future borrowings, and approaching rate resets and maturities


Borrowers can restructure existing financing to take advantage of current market conditions and economics by leveraging a “blend & extend” structure


Borrowers can fix all or a portion of both the term and the amount of their financing using a variety of hedging tools based on their risk tolerance and market view

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