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International Payments

Capital Markets

Bryn Mawr Trust provides market expertise and payment solutions that help organizations and individuals manage international transactions. BMT’s dedicated Foreign Exchange team can help you manage the complexities of cross-border transactions and foreign exchange.

Matching the Payment Method With Your Requirements

 International USD WiresInternational Foreign Currency WiresSending USD ChecksForeign Currency DraftsInternational Check Clearing and Collection
DescriptionWire transfers of US dollars originating from accounts within the United States to bank accounts outside the United States.Foreign currency (FX) wire transfers sent to bank accounts located outside the United States.Writing a US dollar check against an account domiciled in the United StatesForeign currency denominated bank checks drawn on a bank local to the recipient.Checks drawn on an international bank can be deposited into your account to be cleared or placed on collection.
RecommendationOnly send USD internationally if the receiving party specifically requested USD and holds a USD account.This is the best option for sending funds internationally. Not recommended for small amounts as the amount of the check will likely be offset by the fees charged by the recipient bank.Best option for small amounts.The practicality of receiving checks drawn on banks outside of the United States varies by currency and country.  Please check with our International Services experts for more information.

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