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International Services

Capital Markets

Whether you are buying or selling goods or services across borders, acquiring or divesting a foreign asset, executing a significant capital expenditure or investing in foreign markets, BMT offers a range of international services designed to meet your needs.  BMT’s international specialists in Foreign Exchange and Trade Finance will provide a complete assessment of all cross-border activity and provide recommended strategies to maximize efficiency and reduce currency exchange rate risk. We specialize in a hands-on approach working with clients and their relationship managers to deliver effective and understandable risk management programs.

The International Services experts at BMT can help you in the following areas:

  • Sending international payments
  • Sending foreign drafts
  • Receiving international payments
  • International check clearing
  • Foreign acquisitions & capital investments
  • Foreign currency deposit accounts
  • Foreign currency banknotes “Travel Cash”
  • Foreign exchange hedging strategies

International business can subject companies to risks as well as opportunities. Exchanging goods or services across borders requires managers to recognize their exposures to foreign currencies and counterparties and to take the appropriate steps to manage these risks.  We view understanding these considerations as an opportunity to take greater ownership for international operations while optimizing corporate cash flow performance and mitigating risk of loss. We want to help your business do more business abroad!

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