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Trade Finance

Capital Markets

BMT can help establish and improve trade cycles and bridge payment gaps for companies with exposure to international supply chains. Whether you deal with counterparties through open account or through documentary trade instruments, BMT can help structure your global approach to managing risk.

Trade Finance & Letters of Credit

Trade Services

Our experienced and customer-focused team can guide you through international trade structuring and implement an array of trade products including commercial letters of credit, documentary collections, and bankers’ acceptances.

Standby Letters of Credit

Standby letters of credit can be used to support a variety of performance or financial obligations in fields such as construction, insurance, energy, leasing, and trade.

Solutions for Importers

BMT is committed to helping companies mitigate their importing risk while maximizing their performance. Our team can help you decide which trade product, currency, and strategy will work best for your importing needs.

Solutions for Exporters

Exporting can open your business to new markets and increased profit. Our team can help you navigate the risks associated with exporting in order to ensure optimal cash flow and increased global sales for your company.

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