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Trade Services

Capital Markets

Bryn Mawr Trust’s International Services will work with your business to structure a tailor-made approach to streamlining your traditional trade transactions. We are committed to helping our customers deploy a global approach to managing risk.

Import Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit (LC) are the most widely used import finance method. They are versatile, secure and can be used to finance any import deal making them very effective payment instruments. 

Documentary Collections

Bryn Mawr Trust can act as your trusted intermediary for delivery of commercial documents in accordance with instructions provided by your suppliers.

Bankers’ Acceptance

Short-term debt instruments, or time drafts, whereby BMT accepts and guarantees payment to exporters at a promised future date. Bankers’ Acceptances allow importers to obtain immediate cash flow by having the opportunity to resell their goods before payment is due. 

Standby LCs for Trade

Importers may request simple ‘payment guarantee’ standby letters of credit to cover repetitive and regular import shipments. We will advise on the pros and cons of using standby letters of credit versus import trade letters of credit and help draft the one most effective for you.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is a part of every international transaction. These transactions are also subject to exchange rate fluctuations, which create currency risk that can have a negative impact on your company’s margins.

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