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Commercial Banking eStatements

Saving Trees Beats Storing Paper

When your business chooses eStatements, your bank and loan statements are available to you in Commercial Online Banking, anytime you need them. Saving trees is better for all of us than saving paper statements you’ll probably never need again. You can even give access to your accountant or attorney in the eStatement portal without giving them access to your Commercial Online Banking account.

Choosing eStatements is Secure!

Plus, you can rest easier knowing your bank statement and corporate financial information are not sitting in your mailbox where it could be stolen, not to mention the potential danger to your business’s financial information if your storage system for paper statements is simply putting them in a file or a drawer. With eStatements, you have 12+ months of eStatements (depending on account type) at your fingertips anytime you need them in Online Banking.

Choosing eStatements is Easy!

  • Log in to your Commercial Online Banking and click on any of your checking, savings, or loan accounts that appear
  • After selecting Account Details in the menu, simply click eStatements
  • Read and accept the eStatement Disclosure (acceptance is done by entering a unique five-digit code in the Confirmation Code box)
  • Select which accounts you’d like to receive eStatements for, and click Enroll.