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Interest Rate Risk Management

Hedge Direct

Hedge Direct is BMT’s comprehensive interest rate hedging program for community and regional banks.

BMT’s correspondent banking professionals have implemented and managed successful hedging programs at dozens of financial institutions nationwide. Hedge Direct was designed to give small to mid-sized banks the same interest rate risk management capabilities found at large institutions, without the added complexity of derivatives accounting, financial reporting, sales responsibility, and increased capital requirements associated with acting as a derivatives counterparty.

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver highly competitive fixed rate pricing to your commercial borrowers
  • Originate 5, 7, 10 year or longer fixed rate loans without interest rate risk
  • Generate an ongoing revenue source of non-interest fee income
  • Expand your commercial loan offering structuring capabilities and create a competitive market advantage

Scope of Services

  • Strategy Development and Program Roll-Out
  • Customized Loan Opportunity Assessment
  • Fee Income Potential Analysis
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Lender and Credit Officer Training
  • In-Person Marketing Support
  • Transaction Execution
  • Post-Trade Servicing

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