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When Gravity Kills: Death by Coconut and Other Anomalous Accidents Covered by Insurance

Insurance Insights

Freak accidental deaths may sound like something made up, but they’re unfortunately all too real. From drinking too much carrot juice to falling off the side of a cliff using a Segway or accidentally being electrocuted by listening to headphones on a metal toilet, the list of freak deaths is wide as it is long.

Since these deaths are very real as much as they are very rare, there is an insurance market to cover them. Term life insurance, the optimal choice of life insurance to cover these freak accidents, provides coverage for a predetermined amount of time. This is the standard form of coverage for dependent protection and is a common coverage for younger clients or clients looking to have temporary coverage as they build their wealth, as it can provide a comparatively high payout without requiring a significant investment or commitment.

To better understand what can be protected, here is a list of freak deaths that have actually happened and can be covered against with term life insurance.

Death by Coconut, or Other Accidents

Yes, this is a real cause of death, and more common than you’d think. Some have even estimated that coconuts cause more deaths in the United States each year than sharks do. In the life insurance world, this would be considered an “accidental demise”. Many life insurance policies also include additional accidental death benefit riders, which provide an additional sum to the beneficiary in addition to the base death benefit.

Going Missing

If there is proof of death, such as being discovered in a plane crash or shipwreck, courts can officially declare a missing person dead. If there is no proof of death, such as being taken and never seen again (i.e. Jimmy Hoffa), your beneficiary will have to wait seven years for you to be considered officially dead. What’s more, the beneficiary on file must continue paying your premiums in the interim in order to receive your insurance payout.

Extreme Sports

The thrill of adrenaline is something that can’t be matched. From jumping out of airplanes to bungee jumping off bridges to BASE jumping into the abyss, adrenaline junkies are always looking for the next thing to conquer. But sometimes accidental deaths can happen.

Your beneficiaries will receive your insurance benefits if you end up dying during an extreme sports activity that is considered dangerous. However, the insurer may decide to exclude this activity from your life insurance coverage if you do this on a regular basis.

Terminal Illness and Other Health Problems

This could get complicated. If it comes out that you were dishonest during the medical evaluation and hid a medical condition (such as high blood pressure or arrhythmia) or a history of unhealthy habits (such as smoking) from the insurer, it could be cause to deny a claim. However, should you be unexpectedly diagnosed with an illness that proves to be fatal, whether it is commonplace or an anomaly, your life insurance will cover you.

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