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Does Writing a Shopping List Save Money?

Personal Insights

If you’re trying to save some serious time and money while on a trip for your errands, making a list never goes wrong. It doesn’t matter what platform it’s on, it can be on your phone, your Apple Watch, or a piece of paper.

Either way, lists have been around for a long time. Sure it might not seem like a big deal, but having everything down that you need is the greatest way to ensure that you’re not going off track when in the store.

Saving money is on the top of everyone’s priorities, and writing a shopping list is the best way to start. Time and money are important. Don’t ever disregard what a shopping list can do for you! Even recording voice messages of yourself saying things you need can be helpful.

Forgetful people and those who love to organize: this blog is for you! Those that hate all of those things, thing blog is here to better you! Whatever way you want to do your list, do it. It’s going to really save you money long term.

How to Make Your Shopping List Work For You

Here are some steps that you can take in order to streamline your list and make it work for your needs without being too confusing for others to read:

  1. Make it ongoing. If there’s a notebook on the refrigeration with multiple pens so there’s always access to what your brain wants to jot down, it would be perfect. It anything, most people don’t like using their phone for notes to write down things. Get yourself a small notepad instead. When items are empty, add them to the list. Always make sure it’s in a way so you know which items are more of a necessity. It’s best to buy what is needed first.
  2. Meal planning has to happen sometime. If you really want to save money on food and put an end to wastage, meal prep is the way that many are choosing to go now. Jot down ingredients that you know you down have for whatever recipe is in your mind. The last thing you want is to be short an ingredient.
  3. List quantities, so you don’t overbuy. Always get what you need. Not too much and not too little. Even in the world of extreme couponing, think about this: most of those things are going to have expiration dates. Wait a little and pay attention to the news before you start stockpiling all kinds of extra things.
  4. Group items in order to cut down on time process in general. Think about it. If you need a bunch of fruit, vegetables or spices, you’re going to want them all in the same place on your list. This visually tells you to get those things from the same spot. There’s no reason in going all over the grocery store. Go in with a plan so you’re not left wasting a bunch of time and money.

Coupons and apps make shopping even easier. You don’t have to go overboard, but it’s always good to pay attention to coupons. There are always good gems in there. Once you’ve downloaded apps for places like your local grocery stores, Target, Walmart and more, you’re going to get even more coupons and exclusive deals for shopping with those places.

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