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Does Your Business Have a Plan For The New Year?

Are you prepared to review and make business plans for the new year? It’s time to assess what’s working in your business and make plans for continued success and growth. No matter what planning system or strategy you’re planning to use, there are some tips to help you through the process.


Positioning is where your business sits in the market.  It’s the stories that your customers tell about your business, messages that you put out, the price you set, and packages or offers that you make. Look at how you want to be known for, how customers will converse about the business, and the leading message. Positioning isn’t just based on your business, it’s based on your business in relation to the rest of the market. Look at what others are doing so you can do things differently.

Diverse Sources

You’ll want to seek out mastermind partners who are:

  • Moving at a faster pace than you. You want to mastermind with those who push you, challenge you, inspire you to get a little more uncomfortable, and to do things more outside of your comfort zone.
  • Different types of businesses from yours, and those moving in different circles of influence. You don’t want to all have the same influencers.   You want to put together a mastermind group of people who are getting information and ideas and inspiration from different sources.
  • Using structure. Make sure there is an agenda to every meeting, know what you’re going to share, and break up time so that everyone gets heard.


One of the biggest benefits of planning ahead, is that it becomes easier to spot your top priorities. These priorities will show themselves as specific goals:


You must know how any of your specific goals can help you bring in revenue so that you’re going in the direction that you want to be going.

So if you’re growing your team as your specific goal, make sure that you know how each new team member will allow for new revenue to come in knowing they’re going to bring in X amount of dollars each month.

Building the Pipeline

Have you plateaued or know that you really need to accelerate building your audience? Consider how you can leverage specific goals such as a big launch, a speaking gig, or a media campaign to grow your audience and fill your pipeline.

Marketing Plans Vs. Sales Plans

Separate marketing plans from sales plans. Have campaigns in place that serve two different, though related, purposes-  building business and brand awareness, and converting sales. Any time you’re marketing and selling, or promoting the business, be aware of whether you’re focused on building your audience or converting your audience into buyers.

Building your audience gets people excited and engaged, but doesn’t generally get people buying. When you want to focus on sales, give people a reason to say yes right now, and so that means giving them a clear call to action.

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