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Easy Decorating and Entertaining Ideas for Your Holiday Party

Personal Insights

Most groups have that one coveted friend who throws the best holiday parties. This is your year to take the crown! It can be intimidating to throw a party that consists of more than the same old people having the same old conversations. Here are some ways to help transform the house into Christmas party central.

Double Duty Decorations

No matter how long it takes to decorate the house, there is always one more good idea that did not come to fruition.  But, instead of adding new things, take a look at what’s already there and see if they can double as decorations.

For example, the presents under the tree could be wrapped according to the theme of the party and maybe even scattered in other places than under the tree to add flavor.  Even things like cookies or dish towels can become a part of the décor even as they serve their usual function.

Scents and Sounds

Christmas is a visual holiday – there are so many sights we look forward to, like the tree, the lights and the snow. But the sounds of the holiday season can contribute to a great party just as well. Turn on the Christmas music and let it play in the background, or even turn on Charlie Brown on the TV at a low volume.

The same goes for scents. Time the baking of the cookies so that the house smells like gingerbread when folks walk in, or select some seasonal candles. Folks may not know why it just “feels like Christmas”, but you will!

Movies and Music

Some of the most fun of Christmas is the movies, so why not make that the point of the evening? Who cares if it sounds lame, everyone will enjoy it. Have an It’s a Wonderful Life party, or watch Home Alone together. No need to shut off the lights and keep silent; everyone can laugh and reminisce together. Make the party a time for singing, since the songs are just as important. Print up some cute lyric sheets and either go caroling down the street, or just keep it in the house. Once everyone loosens up, it will be a unique and fun experience.

Decorating as the Party

If the worry about decoration is causing a tizzy, why not flip the problem on its head? Make the party a decorating party – hold it earlier in the month and invite the squad over to decorate the tree together or deck the halls. Not only will this help the process go faster, not only will it be special and memorable, but it will ensure that the house gets fully decorated all according to plan. Incorporate some singing and maybe “The Grinch”, and you may just have a winner.

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