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Bryn Mawr Funding

Equipment Finance for Brokers' & Third-Party Originators Nationwide

Bryn Mawr Funding caters to the requirements of brokers and independent leasing companies nationwide. We are a funding source for third party originators with absolutely no in-house direct sales people interested in your vendors. The principals have over 50 years experience working as and with commissioned lease brokers. We know the importance of fast decision-making, fast funding, and knowledgeable personal service.

Our objective is to help our broker partners maximize their income, via generous commission allowances and an attractive cost of funds. Combined with our creative and experienced credit managers, we can increase both your commission and funding percentages.

Our broker partners can use our simple documentation or, after review and approval, we will accept transactions using your documentation.

Here are some program highlights:

  • Fully funded by Bryn Mawr Trust (NASDAQ: BMTC)
  • Small ticket, A-credit transactions
  • Quick, responsive, consistent credit decisions and funding
  • Accept most industries and equipment
  • App-only programs
  • Financing available in 50 states
  • Used equipment acceptable
  • Software-only transactions acceptable
  • Titled equipment acceptable
  • Discounted early payoff policy
  • No interim rent charges
  • Strict vendor and customer confidentiality

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