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Fall Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Insurance Claims

Living Insights

Fall is a great time to take care of basic home maintenance that will help you prevent damage to your property while also avoiding insurance claims. Protect your home from seasonal damage!

Check Your Roof

Colder weather and strong winds make your home more susceptible to a variety of risks and damage. Check your roof to make sure there are no loose shingles or areas that need repair. Even a single shingle blown off the roof during a storm can result in significant damage.

If you have a flat roof, never let leaves or other debris buildup on it. This can cause your roof to deteriorate.

Prioritize Tree Upkeep

Trees are beautiful in the fall, but they can also be the source of a lot of damage to your home and bring about liability risks.

If there are tree branches that hang over your roof, walkways, living areas, or driveways it is important that you have them cut back.

Make sure that branches from trees are not tangled with any electrical wiring or too close to the electric cables around your home.

Contact a professional or your power company about any dangerous branches. Do not attempt to remove them yourself without getting professional advice. When trees or branches come down on electrical wiring, they can also cause the electric cables to break and this could also pose an extreme hazard to your family, friends, pets, and neighbors. Even just basic upkeep can prevent unnecessary safety hazards.

Secure Outside Property

Make sure that any outdoor furniture you leave outside is secured and will not blow away in windstorms. Winds can reach very high speeds in winter storms and send items flying, so be proactive and put away furniture that could even in the slightest chance be blown by high winds in a secure area like a shed or garage.

Be certain that patio stones or deck boards are completely smooth, not loose or coming up, to avoid trips and falls. Make a clear pathway to and from any doors of your home, including to the sidewalk, where people can walk without tripping or falling in adverse weather conditions.

Cover potentially slippery surfaces like stairs or landings with waterproof slip resistant treads.

Keep in mind that well-lit home is less likely to invite thieves and will prevent people from falling and injuring themselves on your property, so be sure that all paths are well-lit.

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