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Free Checking Account Disclosure

Minimum Balance to Open:

$25.00 is required to open the account.

Minimum Balance Required to Avoid Service Charge and Service Charge Fee if Minimum Balance is Not Met:


Other Fees:

When you use an ATM not owned by BMT, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used to complete the transaction. This may include withdrawal, balance inquiry or other transaction.

Additional fees that may be assessed against your account are listed on our Personal Accounts Schedule of Service Fees.

Other Requirements:

Consumer Online Banking is required to access eStatements.   BMT reserves the right to convert Free Checking to Proven Checking if eStatements are not maintained.  Proven Checking requires a $100.00 minimum daily balance to avoid a $15.00 service charge.

Rate Information/Interest:

This is a non-interest bearing account.