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Great Ways to Go Paperless at Home or Work-From-Home

For years, business professionals have been increasingly shedding the use of printed paper and documents, choosing instead to go digital. From writing up meeting notes to signing legal notices to storing these documents and more, going digital has become the norm. But with the spread of COVID-19, many professionals now find themselves working from home, having no other option but to go digital in their documenting.

But making the transition to 100% digital might be easier said than done. To do this successfully and mitigate the risk of losing any important documents, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines and tips to assure a seamless transition.

Scan Everything

You never know when you may need to tap into an old document. By scanning everything that comes your way in print form, you’ll be able to access it at will. Whenever you receive a physical piece of paper, scan it and save it to your computer and to the cloud. There are plenty of good scanner apps available that can help to streamline this process.

Also, check if you need to keep the original version of a document after scanning. If not, go ahead and toss it.

Use Digital Versions of Paper Products

Traditionally, everyone uses some paper products daily, without knowing that there are better digital versions available. If you can, start using a digital version of your paper products right from the beginning in order to cut out as much paper from your life as you can. From task managers like Trello to cloud storage to eStatements, these can help to streamline this process.

Schedule Self-Audits

Every system comes with its own flaws that will need to be optimized over time. It’s important to schedule regular audits of your own system for going paperless at home or at work where you can review and eliminate these flaws. It’s helpful to conduct monthly audits and look over documents you have saved. This way, you can free up space and help sort all unsorted files in the cloud.

Always Have Digital Versions

Whenever someone wants to send or share a physical document, it’s always important to ask for a digital version as well. Whether it’s an important project or notes from a meeting, always opt to have a digital version shared. This will help to keep all documents accounted for and easily accessible when needing to find them and use them again.

It may present a challenge at first, but adopting these habits can help you go paperless more successfully and cut out the stress and waste of paper piles.

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