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How Important Are Schools When Home Buying?

Living Insights

Purchasing a home, especially for first time homebuyers, is an exciting time in life. Thinking of style, location to work, and budget all are at the forefront of every buyer’s mind. However, even for couples who don’t have children, considering schools when purchasing a home is also important.

What Homebuyers Want

Today, more than 50% of homebuyers with children below 18 consider the quality of school districts as one of the top factors when choosing a neighborhood.

In addition, proximity to a good quality school is one of the most influential decisions when purchasing a home, just one point lower than location to work. Schools are top on homeowners’ lists of neighborhood amenities.

Homebuyers Without Children

Even if you do not have children currently, still consider the quality of local schools when making a homebuying choice. In the future, young couples may decide to have children. Even if homebuyers do not have children on the radar screen now, it may still be better to consider school districts that are serious about education for future resale.

Ask Questions

It is perfectly fine to ask a home builder about the local schools. In fact, good home builders probably have a plethora of information about the local schools. Ask people who live in the neighborhood about the schools. You will probably get the most honest answers from people who have children in the schools within the area you are looking at buying a home.

Go Online

There are many different search engines to find out information, parent opinions, and ratios of all kinds on websites such as:

  • – Test scores, course offerings, and parent reviews are just a few of the items to be found on this website.
  • – Similar to the one above, users can see vital information along with how schools in their district compare to other nearby schools.
  • – This site allows users to see the ratings for every school (public and private) in an area.
  •– For an interestingly short read, an article on “Choosing a School” is worth the time.
  • – This site charges a fee, but it gives much needed school ratings and other data often not found on free sites.

Go Visit

The most important part of choosing a school is to actually visit the school. Talk to the principal, teachers, and parents of children attending the school.

Visiting, along with the other considerations can help homeowners find not only the perfect school, but a perfect home and neighborhood to raise a family as well.

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