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How to Add Security Landscaping to Any Home

Living Insights

Installing a complete camera security system can run into thousands of dollars, not to mention the monthly fees associated with upkeep and monitoring. Instead, homeowners can use landscaping to beef up their home security and increase their curb appeal.

Install Fencing

A home doesn’t have to look like a prison with a chain link fence surrounding the home. Today’s fencing choices run from aluminum to synthetic, bamboo, vinyl, or even traditional wood. The patterns a homeowner can create with a fence can range from modern horizontal runs to a traditional white picket fence. No matter what type of fence is installed, it sends a clear message of where the property begins.

Strategic Landscaping

A well-placed shrub or a clear path that leads to the front door are subconscious ways to send a clear message of where to walk. Thorny bushes or plants such as hawthorns, roses, and even cacti can be placed under windows to make a great deterrent. While keeping or even adding to the character of a home or neighborhood, homeowners can find many different types of ways to use plants to create boundaries, discourage lawn wandering, and even protect ground floor windows.

Accent Lighting

The best deterrent at night is lighting. However, instead of going for the airport runway look, focus on strategic lighting that not only brings light to a home’s exterior, but adds beauty to your yard. Use motion activated smart lighting placed on the front porch or accent lighting underneath windows to shine light on areas that may be accessible to intruders. In addition to motion activated features, lighting can also be scheduled to turn on and off automatically.

Streetlight Installation

Intruders do not like to be seen. Streetlights are a very good deterrent against lurking burglars. Check local ordinances and laws regarding the installation of street lights in any particular state, county, or city. Before deciding on streetlights, consider the additional costs of streetlights.

Plan, Plan, and Plan

When planting trees or shrubs, keep in mind that they will grow. Don’t plant a tree too close to a home. The roots can invade and even damage the foundation. In addition, trees that grow up tall next to a 2nd floor window can be an inviting place for a burglar to enter.

The same thought process goes for shrubs. Shrubs that are full and tall could easily hide an intruder. Therefore, keep taller, fuller shrubs planted away from the front entry and under windows.

Whatever improvements homeowners intend on making to their security, not only can these improvements be completed making a home feel more secure, they can also add to the beauty of the home’s exterior. This creates a win-win for the homeowner and the entire neighborhood.

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