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How to Be Successful When Using Instagram Story Ads

Business Insights

While social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter focus primarily on connecting users with friends and family, Instagram is fast becoming the choice social media platforms for users. The eye-catching platform used by Instagram engages users by relying heavily on stimulating visual elements. With over 1 billion active Instagram users monthly, it is no wonder that businesses have turned to Instagram as a very useful marketing tool.

The benefits of Instagram provide businesses with the ability to microblog and post pictures, a perfect mix to attract followers. Famoid and Kicksta are just a few of the tools businesses can use to increase marketing potential and grow a following.

Here are some down and dirty ways to use Instagram Story ads, and how to get users to swipe up on your business.

The Power of Instagram Story Ads

With over 500 million active users on Instagram Story, the opportunity to showcase a brand and create leads is unparalleled. In fact, some companies, such as SHEIN, have shown a 20 percent increase in return and a 9 percent increase in sales.

Also a useful tool for building brand awareness, using short videos has been shown to reap unbelievable rewards with double-digit increased brand awareness.

How to Influence Customers to Swipe Up on Story Ads

Creating Instagram story ads that captures the target audience’s attention and causes them to swipe up on an Instagram story that has a short lifespan of one day (24 hours) is not easy, but well worth the return. So, what makes a story swipe worthy? Being good enough to catch the eye of the potential customers at a glance while still making each second count.

  • Videos – Using video ads not only keep the audience engaged and on your story for up to 15 seconds (three times longer than a normal still ad), but they encourage potential customers to stay on your story.
  • Music – According to Instagram, viewers had the sound on 60 percent of the time they were looking at Instagram Stories. Music adds interest to an already great story which increases the remember rate.
  • Call to Action (CTA) – If one area gets overlooked, the CTA is usually the victim. For a more enjoyable experience, and a swipe up, don’t give readers a reason to skip over with vague instructions. Instead, tell them exactly what is wanted.  Even with a great story, explicitly tell the audience that what is wanted is for them to swipe up.

Experiment with Instagram Story ads to see if they work for your business marketing strategy. In order to reap the benefits of an Instagram swipe, it all depends on you.

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