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How to Declutter Your Life

Despite its name, spring cleaning can come any time of the year. Maybe there was a marathon of one of those clean out shows on TV, or maybe the pile just could not be justified for one minute longer. Whatever the case, just about everyone’s life could benefit from a good clean out. But once the initial excitement wears off, it can be tough to finish the job. Having a system from the beginning will help get it done, force the unnecessary clutter out, and maybe even help a few people along the way.

Save It

The first category of stuff is the stuff that is going to be kept. This is the pile that should be kept as small as possible, because most clutter is just that and does not deserve the pride of place in the house. These are items that are regularly used, are still in great shape, and would be difficult to replace. There may be a little room for things that have not received much use but are still desirable but watch out. This pile should be revisited several times to keep it at a manageable size.

Donate It

This category helps justify getting rid of some things that need to be gotten rid of but are in just too good condition to throw away. Before beginning, find out what donation site to use, and find out exactly what the rules are to avoid disappointment later. Some places only take certain items at certain times, and in most cases the threshold for what is acceptable is higher than you’d think.

Once this pile has been hauled off, determine that the items that cannot be donated will be thrown out, don’t just put them back in the closet. Everyone thinks that their junk is special, so be willing to toss it if the donation facility can’t use it.

Trash (Recycle) It

Lastly, the pile of things to be thrown away. This should be the largest pile, because almost everything that is considered for disposal is disposable. Anything that is worn or outdated or has not been used in a year should be thrown onto the pile.

Go through the shed and garage and attic and get rid of all those “extra” things that just keep accumulating. Those leftover materials from the renovation, or equipment for a season of lifelong past should just be put out to pasture. Don’t feel bad about getting rid of “nice” things – they are not doing any good sitting in the corner or moldering in the drawer. Once the house is clean and de-cluttered, the peace of mind and joy will all be worth it.