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How to Know if You’re Getting the Best Price on Your Holiday Purchases

Personal Insights

Promises of special deals, rock-bottom pricing and the lowest price of the season are the fake enticements used by retailers to lure potential consumers to their door. While this is a sales practice employed all year long, the holiday season brings out the wildest and most outlandish promises. Some of these offers are legitimate while others are more hype than reality. Separating the good deal from the empty promise of low pricing is a skill anyone can acquire.

  • Before you look at an ad, walk into a store or go online, make a list of what you really want to buy. A good price is not a bargain if you end up with a purchase you didn’t need to begin with. Know what you’re looking for so you can be a wise buyer, not just the customer who’s lured into an unnecessary purchase by a persuasive sales clerk.
  • Be skeptical about every great deal you see. Comparison shopping is essential to finding the best price. Don’t believe the sales push telling you this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There is always an equal or better deal out there. A lot depends on how much time and effort you want to put into the search.
  • Don’t be influenced by the pressure to make an instant decision in order to save an extra percentage off the already low price. Go shopping with the knowledge that you are probably never going to be faced with the absolute lowest price. Don’t be swayed by the sales clerk’s enthusiasm.
  • Compare your potential purchase across all price points. Maybe you don’t need the top of the line product in a certain category. You can often realize significant savings by choosing a product with fewer features or less capacity that will do the job you need it to do.
  • Shop during the off-hours. Many good deals are set at times when there is lower than average consumer turnout in order to get people to shop. Take advantage of low crowds and bonus pricing.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away from a bargain. Making a thoughtful decision will work to your advantage far more often than a purchase made in haste.
  • Know your budget before you shop. All the low pricing in the world won’t be of any benefit to you if you end up overextending yourself financially.
  • Be prepared for sticker shock when you shop. Sometimes a good deal is still more than you were anticipating spending. This is all the more reason why a well-constructed budget is the foundation for getting the best price for you. Stay true to your budget.

Everyone wants to make the most of their limited holiday funds. This can be trickier now than ever before. Your best defense as you enter the retail world is to know what you want, how much you can afford to spend and where to draw the line. Doing your homework before you buy will give you the edge when it comes to finding the best holiday prices.

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