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How to Liven Up a Home with Inexpensive Art

Living Insights

Love art? Dream of having an original Warhol on your wall, but can only afford to buy a can of Campbell’s soup? Try these decorating tips to bring art to your walls without breaking the bank.

Shop Locally

Most cities have an art walk. It may be once a month or every week. Here, local artists bring out their original pieces to sell at low prices. For those interested in hanging an original piece of artwork on the wall, look locally. Find a piece that speaks to you. After all, art should be enjoyed for its beauty, not the price paid.

Buy Prints

An artist will create prints of a popular piece. One piece of art that would normally cost thousands of dollars could potentially be bought, framed, and hung for less than a hundred dollars. Prints can also be ordered in many different sizes to fill up an empty wall or for a statement piece. For the price of one piece of original art, a savvy art lover can fill up their entire house with art pieces.

Create It, Don’t Buy It

It is truly amazing how many different ideas there are on the internet for creating art. From glasses to plates to even candles, art doesn’t have to be just a picture in a frame. In fact, there are entire Pinterest pages dedicated to framing items other than a print or original. Get creative and inspired. Often the best art is the kind made by the owner.

Place Art Around the House

Don’t get stuck into thinking that a piece of art should only be hung in the living room over a stuffy fireplace. Weave art into each room of the house. Place pictures of food in the kitchen, outdoor scenes in the living room, and darker pieces in a study.

Don’t Limit Art to the Walls

Art can go anywhere. Don’t relegate it to just the walls. In fact, a well-placed piece of sculpture or even a modern piece of furniture can become a focal piece for a room. Think outside the box when it comes to decorating.

Bring Nature Indoors

Today, prints of botanicals are very popular. Try exploring outdoors and finding some beautiful leaves or branches that can be painted and pressed onto paper. Or, if the mood strikes, try pressing different flowers into parchment paper weighted down by a few heavy books. Once dry, these can make gorgeous framed art.

No matter the feel, color, type, or tone of art, just remember to be creative! Art should speak to the owner and spark joy in the eye of the beholder.

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