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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

A LinkedIn profile is a way to show who you are, tell a story about yourself, and get discovered. So what makes a profile stand out? With such a saturated platform, it may be difficult to get noticed by recruiters and peers to reach specific opportunities. It starts with being able to express who you are uniquely. If you are trying to start a career, making a new move, or re-entering the workforce, finding your potential with your LinkedIn profile is helpful. There are many ways to define the opportunity, and there isn’t just one right way to do it. Your path will be unique, and you should express it in your own way. Take advantage of these tips to showcase yourself as a unique brand.

Connect with your Target Audience

It is important to define a pivotal audience to better curate a story. Share your contributions, career journey, and values in a way that will speak to the right audience. For instance, are you trying to connect with peers, customers, or executives? Tailor your content in a way they can relate to and grabs their attention.

Update your Intro

List relevant industry information such as Digital Media, Financial Services, or Education Management that can earn you more views in recruiter searches.

Make sure that your introduction section is up to date and includes your industry and location. Also, consider refreshing your profile photo, background photo, and headline. Sometimes it’s the smallest steps that lead to the most significant opportunities.

Strengthen your Story

Put some energy into the summary section, as this is what makes the first impression and is your shot at grabbing people’s attention. Take advantage of this opportunity by being bold and drawing them into your story. Showcase what makes you unique with your top skills, along with how you can add value. Focus on how what you do makes a difference. Explaining your strengths along with your personal mission statement allows others to understand what motivates you in life and your career.

Lead with Impact and Results

Keep in mind that a LinkedIn profile is not a resume. You’ll state daily roles; however, the main idea is to speak on the impact you’ve cultivated, changes you’ve implemented, initiatives you’ve led, and the results you’ve made. By communicating this, people can better acknowledge how you can truly make a difference.

Boost up the Visuals

Photos speak volumes! Telling people what you do only can go so far. Images are what bring a profile to life. Paint a picture of your accomplishments with photos, videos, presentations, and websites. The summary and work experience sections are great spaces for visuals.

Credibility is Key

Credibility is one of the main ways to tell your story to solidify what you are claiming. Use the recommendations section so your community can validate your professional story and write about their experience working with you. It is best to ask for recommendations from diverse groups you’ve collaborated with through various roles and who can verify your skills and accomplishments. For recommendations from executives or senior leaders, you may want to make a draft for them as a starting point to then edit so they can focus on what you actually want them to say to save them time.

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