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How to Make Your Small Space Festive with These Merry and Bright Ideas

Living Insights

As fun as it is to dream of decorating the grand entrance hall of our new mansion for the holidays, reality is often smaller than that. But that’s no reason why this holiday season can’t be just as joyful and colorful. Even in a small space like an apartment or sublet, it’s possible to make a seasonal impression.

Light and Color

Small spaces obviously tend to feel cramped and dark.  The best way to combat that is with light and color. Luckily, the holidays lend themselves to that sort of thing! When selecting decorations for a small space, choose something bright over something warm. Strings of lights can be hung just about anywhere, and bright reds, greens, and blues really add space to a little room.

Swap it Out

Odds are, by the time the holidays roll around, most of the available space has been filled in a small room. This is where the swap becomes important. Instead of adding lots of new things to the room, trade out what’s already in use for something with a yuletide theme. Throw pillows, dish towels, picture frames – all of these could be swapped for a holiday equivalent. Best of all, no valuable space has been lost in the process.

Go Micro

Big tree, big little village, big centerpiece. These may feel like essentials, but that’s really not the case. When decking smaller halls, go for smaller decorations. Even consider going micro – a pinecone tree or a single bough instead of a full tree, for example. Because the space is smaller, it only takes a small decoration to fill it. Shrink the menorah, go with a smaller basket of fruit, and maybe the mantle only needs one stocking this year.

Use What’s Already There

Take a look around the room. Don’t think about what’s not there, look at what’s already there – now decorate that! Each piece of furniture is a potential decoration, and each window and door is just begging to get trimmed like a tree. Consider hanging a little wreath over the backs of the chairs or run blue and white lights around the edge of the television.

We all have a door, so make that the focal point, inside and out. The counter space may all be in use, so why not hang candy canes from the cabinet handles, or hang snowflakes from the ceiling? No need to pine for more, a little creativity can turn anything into a holiday dazzle.

Adopt a Corner

One last idea is to adopt a corner. This may require a little shifting around, but it will be worth it. Once there is a dedicated space for holiday decorations, the design juices will start to flow. Maybe there’s room for a tree, maybe not. Try hanging lights and setting up the gifts in that corner. Hang a stocking from a peg on the wall, and Santa will be sure to visit it just as well as any grand fireplace!

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