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How to Open a Successful Pop-Up Shop

Business Insights

The fairly popular pop-up shop retail experience is not a new phenomenon. In fact, pop-up retail stores have been around for years. Halloween and holiday stores have been popping up in malls for decades.

However, opening up a pop-up shop is more than just setting up a few tables and placing an open sign on the door. In today’s pop-up hot-spots, it takes forethought, planning, and an understanding of the clientele in order to run a successful store.

Why Open a Pop-Up Store?

There are several reasons to consider opening a pop-up store before diving into a full retail space, including:

  • Low Cost – Renting a small space to set up a temporary shop is much more cost effective.
  • Selling More – A retail presence allows attentive shoppers to gain access.
  • Building Awareness – Connect with customers by creating a unique shopping experience.
  • Testing Different Locations – Test the amount of traffic at different neighborhoods or cities.
  • Targeted Traffic – Whether during the holidays or Fashion Week, target relevant foot traffic.

How and Where to Open Up a Pop-Up Store

There are five basic steps in opening a new pop-up store.

First, design an experience around your store. Create a booth masterpiece, combine a physical and digital retail experience with an immersive store, host fun and shopper friendly nightly events, or even bring in some tunes with a musical group. Just do more than sell products.

Next, find the perfect space in the perfect area. If you already have the city chosen, consider how big or small the space will be. Then, find out the type of neighborhood a store would do best in, such as young married couples with small children, retired people, or even singles just starting out. Choosing the best location might be just as important as what is being sold.

Then, decide and plan for the logistical aspects of the store. This includes how and what types of payments will be accepted. Also, think about how to get the products to and from the space. Finally, decide how the store will be set up and who will run the store?

Promote by reaching out to local reporters, magazines, and bloggers. Hand out flyers in the street. Put up signs in store and restaurant windows. Just find different and creative ways to get the store name out to the public.

Finally, open the store and celebrate! On opening day, throw a party, give out offers for exclusive sales through email, snail mail, or handouts, and create engaging and memorable experiences that customers will remember and attract new foot traffic to the store.

By taking time up front and planning for all aspects of the pop-up shop, anyone can take their online store or idea from the idea phase to the open for business phase, successfully.

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