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How to Plan a Fun Spring Vacation

Personal Insights

Yes, believe it or not, now is time to start planning what to do with the family this spring. Family vacations provide the best memories–good and bad!–but planning can be a stressful process.  Here are a few things to remember.

DO: Shop Around

Take the time to search the wide web for a destination. Someone may have their heart on a beach or the mountains or what have you, but this is not the last year, there will be others. Try to find something that fits within the budget and looks like a sure thing as far as safety and fun.

DO: Let Everyone Contribute

Families have lots of personalities, some stronger than others. Don’t let the trip be planned “for” just one or two people. Let everyone weigh in on what they’d like to do, and don’t forget the kids! This can actually be a great way to circle around a solution and schedule that will work for everybody.

DO: Purchase Travel Insurance

Hurricanes blow in, kids get the flu, emergencies happen at work, things happen! For most folks, vacation is the biggest expenditure of the year, so be sure that it is protected. When spending a bunch of money, the thought of spending more can be unbearable, but it is not nearly as unbearable as watching it all burn up in the next round of wildfires.

DON’T: Go Back to a Bad Spot

Everyone can say how great it is, but if you’ve gone and it didn’t float your boat, don’t go back! No two families or people are the same, and if the typical or trendy doesn’t work, then don’t try to please anybody else. And don’t try to fall back on “traditions” that aren’t working anymore. In fact, a year or two away from the place we “always go” can make those spots just that much more special.

DON’T: Overschedule

Everyone has done this one. The schedule for the trip is so jammed full of events and sights and deadlines that all anyone wants to do is take a vacation from the vacation! This is especially true for the first day or so. If there has been a lot of travel, then take a break before jumping right in. Nothing wrong with scheduling a nap day!

DON’T: Work!

This might seem obvious, but a vacation is to get away from work. The bad news is, the boss can reach his employees anywhere these days. This might involve a little extra effort before or after the trip but set aside the time on the vacation itself to be with the family and enjoy the time off. Shut down the phone, mute the email notifications and let them remember how much they miss you back home!

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