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How to Redo a Child’s Room for Under $500

Living Insights

Whether a child has moved into a new stage of life, the cartoon characters have become passé, or it’s just time to shake things up and make it fresh, remodeling a child’s room can be a daunting task – especially if the youngster has grown into their own opinion! But it need not be one that breaks the bank. Taking time to make a plan and get it just right will, in the end, save more than just money.

Budget First

The very first step when redoing a kid’s room is to set a budget. This should be done before any planning or designing. Budgeting must be done in a determined and calculated frame of mind, so that later on there will be freedom to have fun. Be honest and don’t shoot for the stars if the cash is not there. There’s no need to do everything in one go. Once the budget has been set, shopping becomes stress-free because the money has been “spent” already, and limitation is the mother of creativity.

Consider the Kid

While making plans, this is the time to evaluate the child in question. It can be exciting to come up with a sleek design for the room, but the child is the one who has to live in it. Include the child in the process, no matter how young, and most important of all, listen! Let their interests and tastes shine through. This can help set the direction and show where real investments should be made. For example, if the wall will eventually be covered with posters and pictures, perhaps a fabulous paint job is not a priority.

Fix the Big Problem

Now that the budget is set, the temptation will be to get as much “bang for the buck” with the available money. Instead, try to identify the biggest priority in the room. If the ceiling fan or carpet is just awful, a bunch of new knickknacks will not make a difference. Don’t worry if the big problem becomes the bulk of the budget. If the biggest problem is solved, it will elevate everything else and set up easier fixes in the future. When on a tight budget, make sure the money spent is going to the area that will make the biggest difference.

What Works?

Conversely, look around the room and see what could work with what is already in place. Is there a great piece of furniture that just needs a little love? Maybe a piece of art hanging on the wall could guide the theme and color of the room. There is no need to redo everything, and this will limit the number of decisions that need to be made. Check around the rest of the house or in storage for other items to use in the room. Bringing in one or two “working” pieces of furniture or accents can help to shorten the shopping list, while adding the perfect touch to a child’s new room.

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