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How to Treat Yourself Without Spending a Dime

Personal Insights

With tax season almost over, many have already began the wait for their tax refund. Unfortunately, some who are waiting might have noticed a drop in their annual return. While a financial dip can lead to feelings of stress, it’s important to always put yourself first.

Your initial answer to a monetary roadblock might to be work more. But why overwork yourself and cause long-term unhappiness?

It’s clear the overwhelming latter might need a little R&R sometimes. It’s not always possible to take off for a huge vacation. Many working class families, let alone single individuals can’t afford to just go off on a trip, which means the vacation needs to come from home (or close by).

It seems like it might cost money to have an enjoyable, stress-free day. Fortunately, it doesn’t. If you’re wondering how to treat yourself on a tight budget, here’s how you can do it.

Get Some Fresh Air

The good thing is, taking in the scenery somewhere pretty costs little to nothing. This can be done in different forms: you can hang out at the beach or take a hike. It’s been scientifically proven that spending quality time in nature will effectively decrease stress and anxiety.

Being in nature also gives you a chance to meditate. Meditating has been proven to decrease negative emotions as well. Combined with the beautiful sights of nature, it’d be pretty hard to stay mad when you’ve got such a nice day to enjoy.

Take a City Trip for the (Art) Culture

If you’re not a nature person, take a trip to the nearest city. There’s often free art museums and local art installations to check out in certain metropolitan areas. Even just getting a change of scenery for the day or the weekend can do wonders to clear your head and improve your mood.

Reading is a Destresser

Reading has been proven to reduce stress in the short six minutes spent picking up a book. This year, there’s been a resurgence in an interest with novels.

Many bookstores still have coffee tables available where you can sit down with a book and read. But the best free place to find a book is through your local public library. Other ways to find books include book clubs or trading with friends and family. You can transport yourself to another world, without the cost of airfare!

Make Your Own Spa Day

For women, a big stress reliever is getting their nails done. While some men choose to get manicures and pedicures, it’s usually not everyone’s first choice. Another way to reliever stress is through a spa day.

If you’re not the type that’s into facials, maybe try out a massage day instead. Generally all of these things cost some cash. But all of these things can also be done at home with two people involved.

Painting your own nails saves cash, just like making your own homemade face masks to hangout in

Spend Time with Animals

It’s been proven that dogs and cats make people happy. Just coming into contact with a pooch or kitten might help decrease stress, anger and depression. For some reason, being around pets increases our hormones connected to bonding and cuddling.

Pets make you live longer through happiness, fitness, decreased negativity and stronger heart health. To top it off, a pet does all of this for a person for free. If you don’t have a pet, check out some animal Instagram pages. There’s a plethora of them, all filled with adorable photos and videos to put you in a good mood.

They say that money can’t buy happiness, and if your wallet is feeling a little lighter than usual, any of these free and low-cost alternatives will refresh your body and mind.

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