Important Notice –“Heartbleed Bug” Vulnerability Information

Bryn Mawr Trust uses multiple layers of security to protect our client’s information. One of those layers involves finding andmitigating issues, known as vulnerabilities. Please keep in mind that vulnerabilities do not automatically indicate the loss or theft of information, just the possibility.

You may have heard about a new vulnerability the “Heartbleed Bug”. Once Bryn Mawr Trust became aware of the new vulnerability we conducted an in-depth review of our networks and contacted our third-party vendors to confirm that their systems were secure. This review process is ongoing and we are waiting on our vendors to complete their analysis and make available the results and any concerns. Bryn Mawr Trust will continue to monitor communications from our vendors and quickly address any future identified issues. In addition, Bryn Mawr Trust monitors both the network and bank accounts on a continuous basis for unusual behavior and has procedures in place to address any issues.

Please direct any questions or concerns to our call center…..610-525-1700

For more information about the Heartbleed Bug, please click on the link provided by the security Company, Codenomicon’s —

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