Category: Insurance Insights

Coronavirus: Commercial Insurance Perspectives

As the world works to understand and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, staying informed is one of the top things a business can do to understand how it might be impacted (or protected). While the situation remains fluid, and we know that every business’s situation is unique, we wanted to share some information on questions we’ve been getting asked a lot lately.

Drones, Liability, and Insurance

Drones have become incredibly popular in the past few years. With high-end options such as camera and video recording equipment, safety and privacy concerns have also heightened. If you are a drone owner and operator, it is crucial to understand what insurance coverage is needed.

Nonprofit Organizations

Though nonprofit organizations don’t quite operate like traditional businesses, they do have similar risk exposures. It is important to stay up on what risks the organization may face and the best practices regarding risk management to help your organization avoid facing costly and disruptive issues.

Life Insurance 101

Buying life insurance has always been a safety net for families to take care of loved ones after someone passes, making it an important investment. But what kind of life insurance do you need? Do you choose term life or whole life? What’s the difference?

3 Reasons to Remove Snow from Your Vehicle

We’ve all seen vehicles on the road covered in snow, with the snow blowing off as they travel. If you haven’t been given enough reasons to take the few minutes required to clear your vehicle of snow and ice before pulling out of your parking spot, here are a few that are important to consider.

Insuring Your Collectibles

From rare coins to furs, baseball cards to priceless figurines or dolls, collectibles come in all shapes and sizes. One thing they all have in common, however, is the need for personal insurance specifically made for collectibles.

New Year, New Coverage

Every year, people type out their New Year’s resolutions with goals to start a new workout routine, cut down on spending, or spend more time off their screens. But one resolution that individuals could get behind is reviewing their personal insurance coverage.

Tips for a Claim-Free Holiday

Through some preventative measures and understanding the potential risks, your holiday season can be safe and sound. Now is the best time to review your homeowners insurance coverage while also making a proactive outline of how you can get ahead of costly holiday claims.