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Category: Living Insights

Five Ways You’re Wasting Energy at Home

Electricity is needed to live comfortably. However, there are simple ways you can reduce your energy use, save money, and improve your home’s sustainability without really impacting your lifestyle. It is in your best interest to learn the biggest energy-wasting oversights people make at home and how to adjust to more eco-friendly practices.

When is the Right Time for a Second Home?

No matter the reason, getting a second home can be tempting for many people. While some situations may allow you to comfortably purchase a second home, others may require you to wait for a better time. If you’re not sure whether now is the right time for a second home, here are a few ways to know if you’re ready.

Five Ways to Workout at Home

Making the transition to 100% digital might be easier said than done. To do this successfully and mitigate the risk of losing any important documents, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines and tips to assure a seamless transition.

Are Home Warranties Really Worth It?

Realtors, sellers, friends, family, and junk mail all have opinions on home warranties, or horror stories of something going wrong just months into a new home. Educating yourself before you buy a home can help you decide if a home warranty is, well, warranted.