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Category: Personal Insights

How To Prepare for a Zoom Interview

Many employers may opt for an interview using video conferencing software due to its convenience factor for remote positions or initial screening interviews. However, there are common mistakes that are made in these virtual meetings. It is smart to learn how to use this software to your advantage.

Social Engineering and Fraud

Social engineering has been a rising issue in the cyber community in recent years with more individuals and more businesses becoming seemingly arbitrary targets of hackers. Seeing how major companies can be affected, it’s important for individuals to get as familiar with this scam process as possible in order to keep from undergoing major financial loss.

Top 5 Places for You to Experience Presidents’ Day

It may not top the list of anyone’s favorite holidays, but that does not mean that Presidents’ Day can’t be a great time for everyone. Set for the third Monday in February, it gives the nation a chance to honor and celebrate its leaders. One way to make the day a little more special would be to celebrate it in a place rich in history and fun.