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Any type of revenue loss or reputational damage is worth preventing. Protecting your business against such losses means securing your operations, building, and revenue-related assets. Here are some things you can do right now to secure everything from smartphones to doors to security systems.

Making the transition to 100% digital might be easier said than done. To do this successfully and mitigate the risk of losing any important documents, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines and tips to assure a seamless transition.

As an employer, there are many ways you can contribute to worker satisfaction and well-being. With genuine commitment and a variety of strategies, you can foster healthy, positive workplace experiences for all of your work-from-home employees.

In the last decade, video marketing has reshaped the way companies do business. Now, TikTok, the video sharing app, has jumped on board in the business world, being used as a streamlined and more interactive tool for companies. Should your business be on TikTok? Here’s a closer look at why you might want to consider it.

It’s time to assess what’s working in your business and make plans for continued success and growth. No matter what planning system or strategy you’re planning to use, there are some tips to help you through the process.

Whether you’re putting on a large Broadway production or a small community theater show with limited resources, the performing arts in general come with a wide range of risks to look out for. If you run a performing arts operation of any kind, it’s important to understand the risks and claims that are present as well as how to protect your company with performing arts insurance.

Creating the perfect elevator pitch can be tricky, so sticking to a tried and true formula can help a person go from just standing in line at the grocery store to landing a job interview with the perfect company.

Starting a business with your significant other might be the ideal situation for some couples. While it may seem like a bad idea to others, there are some couples that make excellent business partners. Here are some of the best businesses that you can start with your significant other.

Food trucks are currently trending and show no signs of slowing down. Interested in starting your own food truck? Here are the most important things to take care of.

Starting a nonprofit to serve a community is a common dream among many individuals. However, doing so involves many factors and takes a lot of dedication.

In order to run a successful business, learning how to prioritize is a vital skill. Here are three tips on how to prioritize the decision-making process to make the most of your time in order to grow your business.

There really is no need for a massive budget to effectively market your small business. Connect with the target audience through email and social media and use your newly found SEO keyword knowledge to get potential customers to your fabulous website.

While social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter focus primarily on connecting users with friends and family, Instagram is fast becoming the choice social media platforms for users. The eye-catching platform used by Instagram engages users by relying heavily on stimulating visual elements. With over 1 billion active Instagram users monthly, it is no wonder that businesses have turned to Instagram as a very useful marketing tool.

Opening a new franchise can be tempting for an entrepreneur. Franchise-growth rates are keeping pace with the growing economy. In 2017, there was a 3.1% growth rate for franchise employment with a projected 3.7% growth rate for the following year. Some new business owners may think that it may be easier to own a franchise than to start a business from scratch, but there are seven questions you should ask before becoming a franchise owner.

Today, more and more people are abandoning the traditional 9-to-5 grind in favor of a more flexible lifestyle. The benefits are easily apparent: instead of waiting to accrue enough vacation time to travel, you can just pick your work up and take it with you, wherever and whenever you want. However, not all jobs are equally suited to the nomad lifestyle. These are some of the best careers to take on the road.

Choosing the perfect business name can be a struggle for many people. First, choose a name that is easy to remember. Make sure it best-reflects the actions of your business. Don’t forget about copyrights or other legal considerations.

Whether you are a small business owner or inspiring entrepreneur, it is vital to have a financial plan for your business. Simply put, a financial plan is a plan of action for your finances. It’s a strategy that helps business owners achieve their goals.

A business owned by a single individual is automatically considered a sole proprietorship. If a person uses their name in the company title, there is no need to register the business name with the state. However, if they give the company a name that does not include their name, they will more than likely have to register with the state.

It may seem like an impossible task, competing with mega companies that seem to have an endless cache of money and resources. However, there are ways that even small businesses can compete in this David and Goliath story.

While lawyers may be focusing on their cases and the industries in which they represent, they are still operating as a business. Whether it’s criminal law, environmental law, financial and social services, all law offices must obtain business insurance to cover the various risks that they are open to. Professional liabilities related to the legal services they provide can arise from even the smallest mistake, so it’s important to invest in the various types of business insurance offered by local providers.

Small business owners enjoy great freedom. Along with the long hours and hard work, they have the freedom to set their own hours, make decisions for their business, and decide on the best retirement plan for their own retirement and for their employees.

In personal finance, experts advise to keep enough cash in savings to run your household for 6 months. This is true in business, too. In fact, having a substantial safety net can mean the difference between staying in business or going bankrupt. Here are some tips on how much cash should be kept in reserve for a business.

Lease, borrow, finance, or pay cash. As a business owner, it can be time consuming to try and determine how to purchase new equipment. Whether it is office equipment, business supplies, or business equipment, there are certain pros and cons with each option. Let’s focus on business equipment.

When thinking of a grand opening for a new office, words such as excitement, curiosity, and interest pop into mind. With the perfect time for a grand opening a couple of weeks after opening the office, it is an ideal time to network with other local businesses and make mutually beneficial partnerships.

It’s an exciting time. Starting up a new business, finding the perfect location for a home office, and buying equipment are just a few of the to do items on an already overwhelming list. However, before diving into any hard-earned capital to pay for equipment, consider the following.

Things have changed with technology and the Internet. But with the continues growth of ecommerce, things have gotten a little bit more complicated to deal with. Nowadays, everyone has to have an online store. To not even have one social media page is detrimental to the sales that a business can have.

The fairly popular pop-up shop retail experience is not a new phenomenon. In fact, pop-up retail stores have been around for years. Halloween and holiday stores have been popping up in malls for decades. However, opening up a pop-up shop is more than just setting up a few tables and placing an open sign on the door. In today’s pop-up hot-spots, it takes forethought, planning, and an understanding of the clientele in order to run a successful store.

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business or being your own boss? Starting a business can seem like an impossible task. However, with some careful planning, important financial decisions, and a few steps to complete beforehand, you can make that dream a reality. Thanks to the Small Business Administration, you can kick off your own business in the next year with these 7 easy steps.

Deciding between a limited liability company (LLC) and a sole proprietorship can be confusing for someone starting a new business. While there are pros and cons to each, if you are willing to put in the initial paperwork and fees, an LLC is the better way to go. Here’s why.

What business owner wouldn’t love a celebrity sharing their love of your product or service on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Social media influencers can take your product from “not to hot” in a mere tweet. Celebrity endorsements have been around for decades. In the past, television personalities, movie stars, or others who were famous would persuade us to own this car or drink this soda. However, in today’s digital world, the niche market has taken on a whole new audience.

Financial fraud is an important exposure for companies of all sizes, but the risk is especially acute for smaller organization that often have fewer controls than larger companies. Even small embezzlements can have acute financial effects on a small business, as well as morale problems resulting from a breach of trust.

The four elements of SWOT analysis create an easy-to-follow framework that businesses of all sizes can use to assess the current and potential health of their respective enterprises. The knowledge that a company can gain from SWOT analysis can aid in the planning and development of existing and future entrepreneurial strategies. Use these four steps as a basis for your research, and you’ll get rewarded with a more comprehensive and applicable overview of your business which can lead to accelerated growth, added resilience and maximized profits.

Building a viable business and succeeding as an entrepreneur is not a mission for the meek and mild. Entrepreneurship can be grueling and can leave you wondering why you ever thought building your own company was a good idea. But if you are determined and are willing to invest in your future, you can improve your odds of business success as an entrepreneur. Incorporate the following five tips into your modus operandi and there’s a mighty good chance you’ll find the business success you long for.

One of the most common mistakes rookie entrepreneurs make is neglecting to prepare a business plan. A business plan doesn’t necessarily have to be long and detailed, but it should serve you and your team as a roadmap and a rallying point, while also keeping your efforts consistent and measuring your progress.

Technology is critical to the operations and success of most small businesses, which makes routine maintenance of your tech infrastructure vitally important.

Like any type of equipment, monitoring technology performance and addressing small issues is more efficient and cost-effective than having to deal with downtime and higher costs in the aftermath of an outage or disruption.

Many entrepreneurs know the value of feedback, as it tells them what the customers are thinking. The problem is, a lot of those same entrepreneurs aren’t sure or aren’t interested in what else they can do with said feedback at that point. That’s a tremendous waste of a powerful resource.

A sales and marketing plan is essential to any small business’s success, without one a business may struggle to have measurable and achievable goals in place. The right sales and marketing plan clearly identifies everything from who the target customers are to budget. When done correctly, it can serve as a roadmap for the growth of a small business.

Google recently announced some new measures it’s taking to help protect small businesses from scammers. This follows recent action from the Federal Trade Commission and numerous efforts by Google itself to keep business from falling prey to what the company refers to as “predatory practices.”

As smart speakers and connected devices gain momentum in consumer markets, they’re also making inroads among business users interested in increasing convenience and efficiency within their workplaces. Devices such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Home and others are coupling advances in voice recognition, natural language processing (which helps computers understand the way people speak) and artificial intelligence to help business owners complete, and automate, a growing number of routine tasks.

As you invest time, money and effort promoting your small business, it’s also important to devote some time to examining how your various marketing approaches are working to support your business and its revenue goals. Measuring the success of your marketing efforts is critical to understand what’s paying off and, equally important, which investments aren’t worth repeating. Evaluating your marketing efforts will help you expand the initiatives that are providing benefits to your company while reducing the amount of marketing spending you waste.

Every small business wants to increase sales and grow revenue, but what’s the magic secret to doing this? The sales funnel. No matter what type of small business or what budget you have to put towards gaining new business and keeping existing customers, a sales funnel is essential. A sales funnel is meant as a way to visualize the customer’s journey through the sales process. If you envision a funnel, then the sale begins at the large top opening then ends as it gets smaller with purchase (or alternative end goal). A sales funnel can also be referred to as a sales pipeline and can be the key to measuring, managing and forecasting the sales process. Additionally, it can also be the driving force to improving the sales process to gain more business. This sales process can involve a variety of different aspects and can vary significantly from one business type to the next.

Within the classic 4P’s of marketing are the product, promotion, price, and placement. Placement is also considered as the distribution channel for a business. Both B2B and B2C small businesses sell through either one main distribution channel or multiple channels. The distribution channels will differ from one company to the next but may encompass any of the following: retail, distributor/ wholesaler, dealer, sales team, online, and numerous other channels.

Small business owners have been generally optimistic throughout 2018 so far, and that positivity appears to be sticking around. According to a recent survey from WalletHub, seven out of ten owners find the present to be a good time for growth. The company’s 2018 Small Business Owner Survey also found that over a third (38 percent) of small businesses find access to a talented workforce to be the most important factor for success. Other factors business owners cited include limited regulation (25 percent), low taxes (21 percent), easy access to credit (13 percent), and government incentives (3 percent).

Crowdfunding provides an alternative to loans, credit lines, and traditional investors while allowing a business to get a sense of product demand before creating it. By utilizing the internet, a would-be business owner can collect donations from around the world with a solid idea and pitch. The core market is built-in, and contributors tend to be great for word-of-mouth marketing. The advantages can be tremendous a campaign is successful. It’s not hard to see why an aspiring entrepreneur would be interested in this type of funding.

“Business is business. It’s no place for emotion, especially when it comes to my customers.” If you subscribe to that line of thinking, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. People are emotional creatures, which means emotions play a bigger role in the consumer’s decision-making process than you might think. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling: If you don’t know how to create an emotional connection with your customers, you won’t be able to hold on to them for long.

Every business begins with a vision or an idea. From there, businesses are either launched to success or they land in a heap of failure. The difference, for most entrepreneurial efforts, is likely to be found in the critical first steps that were undertaken in the formulation and implementation of the business plan. Even those businesses that initially failed to launch, stand a good second chance of success if the right steps are taken. Every aspiring business owner needs a start-up starter kit that includes the 10 things you absolutely must do to launch a business.

It’s no surprise that most small businesses are using social media these days. Despite frustrations with algorithm changes commonly made by Facebook and similar companies, these types of platforms give businesses a chance to gain very targeted eyeballs that other formats simply cannot provide.

Your boutique business is no ordinary enterprise. You offer that special selection, those unique items or that specialized service. You provide something extra; something different than a basic, run-of-the-mill business. Of course, your offerings, being extraordinary, come with a more robust price tag. And while your clientele is willing to pay more, there’s something extra they should be able to count on: an amazing customer experience.

Take a look at the images that you are able to modify on your social networks including the header and profile images for your accounts. That includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Think of ways you can freshen up the look. Be creative. Make sure your logo is properly positioned and crisp. If you aren’t a graphic designer, invest in well-designed images sized specifically for each social network for the highest impact.

Small business owners know that reputation is everything. The way your business is perceived by the public is more important than virtually any other factor, including what you sell, where you’re located, your pricing, the quality of your product… A good reputation must be nurtured and maintained as an integral part of your business’ identity. Customers are rightly wary of a business that lacks a reputation “for” something good. It’s a crucial way to set your business ahead of the competition and implant a positive impression in your customers’ minds. And a poor reputation? Well, all the clever and on-point advertising in the world won’t make a dent in repairing a damaged reputation.

Social media is dynamic, and social networks and mobile apps are continuously changing and updating. While it is challenging to keep up with all the changes, your social media presences should never be stagnant. Still, it is easy to get overwhelmed or to neglect accounts you’ve set up with every intention of using.

“Just keep on networking,” that’s what most business owners would tell new entrepreneurs when asked about how to succeed. In business, they say, you have to reach out to people, you have to socialize, and let others know what you’re up to. How do you do this if you’re not into the small talk and the extra socialization? Many introverts would be scared even to try pitching their products or services to others. If you’re one of these socially-picky crowd, you may want to look into these five strategies that could help your business grow despite your introverted personality.

Developing the right mindset is the key to business success. Despite having little or no money when starting their businesses, many entrepreneurs have used their exceptional way of thinking to create successful business empires. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to develop the right mindset.

SCORE, a nonprofit association comprised of 10,000 volunteers, who help small businesses start up and grow, recently released its Megaphone of Mainstreet Small Business Report looking at Fall 2017 employment. It’s worth noting that SCORE’s work is supported by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).

No matter how organized and productive you are, there always seems to be one project that’s been conceived – maybe even begun – but remains in some state of incomplete limbo. Wouldn’t it be a relief to finally get that stalled project off your plate and up and running? Where is the project stuck? Why is the project stuck? Knowing the answers to this questions will allow you to see what’s already been accomplished and what still needs to be done.

A business is strongest when it does only what it does best. No business can be all things to all customers; you’d suffer some sort of identity crisis it you tried. Bending over backwards to provide that which is not your specialty is likely to backfire on you, causing you to disappoint customers instead of please them. That’s why it’s crucial that you determine your niche – the way in which your business best “delivers” the goods and/or services you provide – and strive to provide that to the best of your ability.

Unlike your standard web lead, which takes a lot of marketing dollars to get, referrals are a unique kind of new client. Because they’ve heard about you from a trusted friend or relative, half the battle has already been won. They take fewer marketing dollars and less energy to acquire, are more likely to buy from you, and are more likely to remain with you as a client.